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Jerusalem Bay Hammerheads

tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

I went fishing on Friday night (2.1.09) with two mates at Jerusalem Bay. We didnt take the camera so no pics but a successful night.

We set off from Bobbin Head in my mates 4.5 swiftcraft at 10.30pm and went straight out to the bay.

Last time we were there we found a decent drop off so went there first for nothing.

After about two hours we ventured closer to the shore on the northern side for a drift.

When we got there we noticed baitfish jumping all around us - poddy mullet Im thinking. They continued jumping around us for hours (midnight til 4am).

I loaded the UglyStik with a fresh tailor slab around 15 cm long and my mate used a whole pillie.

About 15 mins later my mates reel starts ticking slowing, then faster and stops. He grabs his rod and sets the hook. As he grabs his rod, my rod does the same thing, slow ticking then a burst then nothing. I grab the rod and set the hook. Both of us felt solid runs, plenty of head shakes and then abrupt stops. Initially I thought jewfish but no sizzling runs.

We could see a lime green silhouette as they approached the boat. Their eyes were glowing lime greenish as well. The third mate sitting to the rear was ready with the net.

At the same time but on opposite sides of the boat we bring up 2 hammerhead sharks. Both were around 1m in length. We had never caught sharks before and were in a small boat. Marcus cut his line and I boated mine. I retrieved my rig and released him.

My mate was still holding the net, eyes wide open :1yikes:

The three of us sat back lit up a smoke and looked at each other. We made jokes about mama hammerhead lurking beneath us :15:

We decide to pull the pin as it was now 4am and as I was reeling in, my rod gets another hit. This time the reel sung a little louder and faster. I almost fell out of the boat trying to grab the rod. I managed to control the run of the fish and brought it boatside after about 10 mins. Another hammerhead. This time she was around 2m in length, solid and very angry.

We all sh!t ourselves and as I was struggling to get my knife, ol mate started the engine, I cut the line and we motored off quick smart.

All in all a great night but only 3 sharks caught in 6 hours.

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Hi guys,

was fishing the pittwater one day with the beter half, around the basin. had 2 flatties on board, then landed a little yakka. Put him on the heavey rod on a 3 hook rig with 60lb trace. Let him swim about half way down and set the rod. He lasted about an hour. then the rod buckled and sang that sweet song! about 2 mins an i had a meter long hammerhead at the boat. Rang a mate cos i had no clue what to do about this. He said they tast great. so we did. He was right. Awsome! he also said that there is no size limit, they are not school sharks. I say eat them..... in moderation.

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hey guys

I'd just like to tell you from first hand experience that hammerheads are beautiful eating! I'm not to sure how they're prepared but they sure have good fillets - and lots of them!

I caught a 1.8m hammerhead while on holidays in forster and it's sure a good work out too!



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Must be a few around then as I was kayak fishing mccarrs creek on sunday and saw 1 about 1 1/2 metres just cruising on the surface, he wasnt bothered by me at all, just swam about doing his own thing, however the bream bite went off for a little while, whilst he was around, cheers Justin.

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hey guys, i've noticed a few around too. Last week i was getting some livies at flint and steel when a smallish hammerhead (1 - 1.5m) came charging along the surface and started circling my livies that i had just caught, ended up smashing 2 and swam off with my rig. About 5 minutes later he was back for more so i put a yakka out but i guess he had left.

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Hey Tan

I caught a hammerhead in Jerusalem Bay last year. A bit later in the year - about May. Interesting! I wonder if it's just a coincidence or if there is a reason that they go there.

Were you in about the middle of the Bay?

What a great place for a fish. One of my favourites. Even if the fishing is quiet I just love being there. Doesn't it get crowded on weekends though? I never seem to get any crabs up there, like I do in other parts of Cowan.

I wish I knew that the h/heads were good eating. I let my one go. It was only a tiddler of about 60 to 70 maybe 80 cm.


Sorry peoples.

I meant to add this onto Tan the fisherman's report.


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Hammerheads are great to eat if small / under a metre

They need to be gutted and trunked (all fins cut off) straight away.

Fillet, then place the fillets overnight in salted water and juice of a lemon

to nuetralise the ammonia taste.

No bones, white meat without a strong taste

Last time i had it was on the BBQ, everyone wanted to know where they could buy it from

Similar in taste to Bronze whalers.

Though the last few I have hooked I've let go - they looked to cute to eat


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