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Fishing Sp's With Hand Lines?


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'Ya can't beat the good old hand line, especially when fishing for whiting from a boat. The feel for bites is just so much more noticable than a rod in my opinion.

I've never tried using SP's on a handline, although I suppose a little 2" bloodworm minnow jigged up and down from the side of the tinnie could be a good thing....maybe I'll give it a go next time I'm out in Botany. :1fishing1:



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i tryd it one da after snaping my rod :1badmood:

i did a dropshot set up and managed a flathead at 60cm and a flathead at 42cm.

il tell you now to be careful with the larger flatheads because with out the ristance of a rod they can straighten out hooks but i was just lucky enough to get the net under her :1prop:

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