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Beats Me, My Soap Box.


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Picture this, you and your wife standing together on the bank, wetting a line. I'm talking an uncrowded bank of some 500mtrs, at one end, a lone fisho, then perhaps some 25mtrs from him, another couple, then NO ONE, between them and us. That would be a good 400mtr gap. Whilst my wife and I enjoyed each others company, and the odd catch n release, the height of rudeness suddenly gets thrown up at our face, now I know these twits have every right to fish where they so choose, as we all do, but bugger me, if they didn't just walk over to where my wife and I were standing, some ten feet apart from each other, and set up fishing, BETWEEN US !! WHY ??

I just can NOT understand how bloody rude some idiots can be. So, with a shake of our heads, we left, we drove some 20 minutes away to another location. Better fishing anyway. At days end, we left there to drive back home. Now for idiot number two, to strike. Driving along a section of road sign posted at 80kmh and with the cruise control engaged, happily cruising along in the left lane, slowly being rounded up by a medium size ridgid truck in the lane next to us, a maxi cab (hi ace van) approaches from a side street to my left, it has a STOP sign. Idiot No 2, decides, gee, I dont have to STOP at the STOP sign, I drive a public passenger carrying vehicle, therefore.............. road rules don't apply to me, so, bugger it, I will just pull straight out in front of HOBBITT and his wife. At this moment I have no evasive room as the medium size truck is along side us. I tell ya, I am a patient man, and as a professional driver for more years than I care to remember, I get a little sick of having to make allowances for bone heads like this IDIOT. To think, he holds a public carrying vehicle authority........ Bloody glad I'm not a fare paying passenger in his cab !!

Anyway.... Raiders, I know this not the forum to vent, and I am sorry that I have done so, but at least it's off my chest. Tight lines to all.

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I feel for you on both counts, Hobbitt - both unnecessary & in the 2nd count, downright suicidal.

Try not to stress too much about it tho - it's not good for your health! :wacko:



Thanks luv, and yes, you speak words of wisdom....

I have put it behind me, life's way to short to let this eat away at me.

Cheerio 2U as well.

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