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You would have to scan them in and save them as a JPEG. Or if you have a good enough scanner with the right attachment, you can actually scan the negatives straight in.

we have a scanner /fax hp photosmart c7180 all in one - no I just need to find someone who can operate it and show me how! - I am a dinosour - no idea!

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or, quick & easy, if the photo is nice & flat ....... just take a photo of it!! :) Make sure it is in a well lit area with no shadows :1prop: You may have to use macro


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thats a couple of great ideas! thanks heaps guys.

Where abouts do you live?

I am at Pennant Hills and am happy to scan your photos for you and show you how to store and pin them, or show you how to use your scanner.

Give me an email if you are interested, this weekend doesnt look like a good one for fishing or diving so it would be a good time.


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