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Northern Beaches


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G'Day Raiders,

I have been reading these forums for over a year now and finally got around to becoming a member. So for my first post I will go straight to picking the brains of other raiders...

I have been fishing for around 12 years and have rarely ventured to the northern beaches of Sydney but since I have moved close by I was wondering if anyone had some tips for rocks, beaches, flats, kayaking or wharves in the area.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Gday Mate

if your new to the beaches a good place to start would be narrabeen lakes

there is a good article on fishing the lake on fishraider HERES the link

there is plenty of fish in there to catch and you dont need to have a boat to do some good fishing

Wow that is a pretty extensive article, i was a little sceptical of narra lake but it seems there is a few options.

Thanks for the link, do you know any decent rock platforms to access deeper water around middle harbour?

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hi hammerhead, hitting the lake would be a good idea just try and get as much info as you can before you go because it might not be as productive as "astina" found when he went out with little knowledge. Read his topic HERE and i have posted towards the botttom some info and plus all the other raiders advice is there and you should learn even more.

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