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Port Hacking


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Hello raiders, i'm planning on hitting up port hacking tonight.

What's a good spot i can go to???

I have never been before so id like your advice!

Chasing bream, whiting, snapper - crabs if possible!

Where should i fish from in port hacking?

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Hi Shakeel

Nippers require a pump to bring them out onto the sand on low tide...... You'll find plenty in the puddles with the most holes in the surface near the water's edge at Mainbar, which an easy place to bring the boat into the shore...... Ask your local shop about buying and using the longest nipper pump you can get as you often need to pump into the same wet spot several times to find their holding depth........ It's a good idea to fish nippers out of area in the 60 feet in Burraneer Bay between the old boat sheds on the opposite side and the Marina which is not far the Water Street boat ramp or in the 60- 80' in Gunnamatta Bay, anchoring downwind in the run in tide and moving further upwind in the run out tide and take an average line off the moored boats opposite the coast guard and about 200 metres up towards fisheries on the opposite side and move the same distance at the top of the tide and have a jewfish rod out with a live squid bait that you can easily catch in the weed beds at Mainbar.

Good luck tonight.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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