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7.2.09 Illawong


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Went for an early session in the morning, went all out SPs and landed my first fish other than flatties, a 26cm tailor, pretty stoked after asking alot of Raiders on what the line movements look like as the fish takes the SP, noticing the line movements Raiders described, i striked and hooked up.


I also landed a flatty that was just a little bit bigger than my worm cut down, no photo as it was quickly released back.

Both fish released except for this flathead taken on bait, 45cm.


Also went out later at night, and noticed in the water, 4 flatheads, skined and gutted, 2 45cms, and the other 2 just legal, they werent stiff so im assuming the water kept it from stiffening up or they were fresh and left there just before i arrived


Not trusting what happened to these flatties, threw them back close to the rocks to feed the crabs.

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Weird that someone would chuck back flatties, especially when they were all ready to go it seems.

My mate has caught a fair few tailor on SP gulp worms, found out a good rig is the normal hook then a seond one towards the end of the worm just hanging because a lot of the time the fish strike the back of the SP instead of up the front.

Nice work catching your SP catches

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