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Desperation! 9/2/09


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Hey guys went out today with the plan to fish the rocks around Northern Beaches because the starter motor in my boat is buggered. My mate picked me up at 4:30 this morning and attempted to catch squid of Taylors Pt wharf in a blistering NE and a few people asleep on the end trying to be quiet not to wake them and hoping the squid wouldn't ink them if we landed any!!

Because of the wind the decision was made to trek it out to Clifton Gardens from Avalon at 5 in the morning, once we got there we quickly got a few good squid (arrows and calamari) and a heap of perfect yakkas, no touches on the float after two hours and not wanting to pay for parking, back to Pittwater we went trying to keep the livies alive in a bucket with my mates shocking driving they only had about 10cm of water left in the bucket. Tryed Paradise wharf for some bonito or kingies with no touches after about an hour and the leather jackets giving us a hard time the call was made to go to the marina i work at and take a dinghy and row from Palmy to Stokes Pt after about half an hour we had made it and it was looking prime, so down we sent out livies from Clifton gardens hoping the kingies would not be happy with foreign Yakkas and squid swimming in the hudloms territory. After about 2 hours, alot of laughing from the usual downrigging crew seeing us in a tiny bright yellow dinghy and dying in the sun the call was made to trek back to Palmy.

After a quick sleep back at home i got the call that we had to get out there and catch something half decent so got the old bait pump out for low tide and we hit the flats but the pump was broken..... so back home to dump the pump and grab the SP's.... shortly after we were wading the flats but after alot of bittin of tails from baby whiting or leather jackets we cracked it and came home hahah.

Anyway was a fun day but am very keen for a fish that will put me in some pain!! (hopefully next weekend)


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HAHA sounds like u had a fun day out on the water

i didn't have much luck either was in the boat drifting around the moorings around Newport

caught what i think was a big pike was a good 40cm but he got thrown back along with a few undersize snapper and flattys was getting rather annoying as the little bastards kept biting off the tails of my plastics

wasn't a very productive day fishing for me either still not a bad excuse to get on the water and sink a few cans

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Farrrk thats a tough old day! I can still remember getting down to the boat ramp at bayview at 4 in the morning only to find we had a buggered motor so took the boat home and was still so keen went and hired a tinney from palmy and ended up getting firt baits in the water about 11am after all the messing round. When one of the boys finaly landed a just legal king about midday we went mental like it was the biggest king we'd ever caught just cause it was such a mission to get it!!!! :074::074::074:

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