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Narrabean Flathead


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Hi All

Went out to North Narrabean Beach 5am on Saturday morning, Myself my wife and a friend. All of us are rookies who fished a lot as children, but somewhere along the way lost touch with the simple joy of casting out a line. Anyway we were having very little luck when at sunrise my wife hooked into something, I let her grind it out until I was able to enter the surf and drag it onto the beach. It was a monster at 86cm and almost 4 kg. On the good side fishing trip permission slips are no longer an issue, on the bad, all I hear is my children bleating on about mummies giant fish and how I had to throw my little ones back...

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86cm wow good effort

was the fish caught from the beach or lake

ohh just out of curiousity wat bait were u using

ohh and wat was the fish??

sorry abt the questions

From the Beach near the Malcom Street Car Park, took a whole Pilchard.

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