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North Narrabeen Jewfishing Session


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Hey Raiders

Well after studying reports from last years jewfish captures I have concluded, that now is the time to go. As jewgaffer has said in his post on barometric pressure post the best jew fishing is when the barometer is rising or is high.

I have brought a little rime into play,

1020 fish are plenty,

1010 fishing dead.

So when this Southerly passes through and the barometer rises again I will be out hunting jew.

Now For North Narrabeen when is the best time to go, i was thinking, gather live baits say two hours before high, get live baits in at 1 hour before high and fish the slack an two hours after.

But should I be fishing from say middle of the low tide through to the high slack as the jewies can come into the close gutters hunting baitfish.

For all those who fish regularly or have caught jew before from this area can you PLEASE reply, Jewhunter and others.



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I've caught plenty of Jew with the barometer at 1010. :wacko:

Depending on the beach you're fishing I'd have baits in the water 2 hrs before the top of the tide & for 2 hrs on the runout.

It might be o.k after this change has come through but have you considered the moon phase? Did you notice all the reports of Jew caught last week in the lead up to the full moon?

I doubt there will be anywhere near as many this week as the moon wanes.

Just my thoughts & I truly hope you prove me wrong! ( It wouldn't be the 1st time! )



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Hi Mate,

Yeah i like jewhunters advise.

It always pays to put yourself into the action at the prime times.

Live or fresh squid baits and live or butterflied yakkas.

I would also have some pillies. The pillies from one of the tackle stores in the area have been excellent lately. Very fresh and firm.

Mate i might even give the beach a try soon but i am going to long Reef when the moon is waxing from half way anytime the tides are good.


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