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Uneven Line Lay - Calcutta 400b


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Hi all, I have a Calcutta 400b that I've just spooled up that is laying line unevenly (too much line on the left of the spool)... no, not the one I got from you GregL - that one's perfect... :biggrin2:

Any thoughts on how I can sort this out other than the obvious (return to Shimano; guide a little more line to the right with a bit of judicious thumb pressure)? :(

The rod's guides are perfectly aligned... I used the same rod to spool both calcuttas. Both spooled with the same 30lb Platypus Jigging Braid. Is there any way of adjusting the spool or level wind?? Never had a baitcaster not lay line evenly before.

I know I can sort it out with thumb pressure when I retrieve line but it's bugging me.

Cheers, Slinky

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i have a calcutta 50 that does the same thing ,ive sent it back a couple of times ,and they have told me that the cast control thingy is too tight ,thats BS as ive tried with varying tensions and it still loads line unevenly

so sorry tony i have no answers

cheers arman

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