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Sydney Harbour Sun 6th

Captain Pugwash

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Late start sunday after watching the waratahs get another win in the super 12. Early days yet as we know how they can dissappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the water at 11, got some livies, no squid then off to the eastern wedding cake following good reports of recent kingy's. Short answer, 2 hours not a bloody sign!

Decided to head back to 'old faithful' the wreck just inside north head. Anchored up, berley trail going and we are into our normal run of small squire for fun whilst the livies are out there doing their thing. :1fishing1:

Then, most unusually for us, we get hammered by a heap of 40cm+ tailor on the bottom taking prawns, squid, yakka strips anything we throw at them. Lots of fun even though we put them all back. :1prop:

Then a ballooon livie gets smashed big time and I am ON big time! This thing screams off into the distance with balloon in tow and the charter special is singing that glorious song of BIG FISH! After 10 minutes of tough but 'clean' fight I know it's not a King but very confused cause it's big! 20 yards out I see a shark at the surface which is at least 4 foot long and think "what now?" Got it to the boat and before I can make the decision my Dollface is dreading it shreds my 24kg leader like it 3lb string. Thank God says Dollface as she knew I was probably going to bring it on board with her and two very inquisitive Dalmatian puppies.

Throw my Kmart $7 rod in to start getting more yakkas when someting heavy hits my favourite little Rackraider and sure enough a nice tailor comes up with :1yikes: a bloody Kingy close behind. Before I can blink the yakka rod with the tiniest piece of prawn on it goes flying overboard like a freight train. Bloody bastard Kingy!!!!!!!!!!!! :05:

Back into action, a 50cm tailor hammers a yakka on a balloon for a bit of fun THEN bang goes another yakka on a balloon! Now, this is a fish of note I'm sure! Holding my own I eventually start gaining ground when all of a sudden this :ranting2: monster shark 5 feet at least appears at the surface but still 30 yards away. He starts this awesome curve away from me and though winding furiously and hanging literally over the edge of the boat I watch the mongrel swim straight past the front of the boat and I'm blown away on the anchor chain. I don't know sharks too well but this was not a bloody wobbygong I'll tell you! If nothing else this has cleared up where I WON"T swim in this harbour!!!!!!!!!

Last Yakka was minding his own business right on the bottom when I noticed a little movement only to wind in a lovely plate sized John Dory which fight like Anthony Mundine but are beautiful to eat!

All in all a great weekend of fishing and it was so much fun I might just bloody well do it all again next weeknd!

Tight lines fellas and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I found this website! There is something about fishing that allows basic bastards like me able to mix it with all levels of expertise that I know you blokes have.

Cheers and Thanks

Pete :thumbup:

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Guest Jocool
John Dory which fight like Anthony Mundine


GEEZ...I hope he aint a member here! :risata::risata:

Good going Pete. Seems you are learning how to mix it up good and proper! :thumbup:

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Good to see your back out there trying for a new PB Kingie Pete.

Never mind "levels of expertise" To catch those fish ya gotta have your rod in the water :biggrin2:

By the end of the season I can see you writing a how to book on "Slaying the Big Bastards"

I like the colourful recounts of your fishing exploits! :thumbup:


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