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Mona Vale Pool


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the seas have come up overnight together with a 1.7mt high at 11.am

fished for blackies off the side of the pool in very rough conditions [1mt waves in the pool] had to hang on to the chains when larger waves came through

managed 6 fish on the small amount of weed i could gather because of the large waves

the fish were sitting along side the pool wall sheltering from the waves so i didnt have to cast far

water was very warm also

peter :1fishing1:

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Hi Pete,

well done once again on getting amongst the blackies :thumbup: . Mona Vale is consistent with its fish. It must have been fun with that high tide and the swell .

I tried at Washaway on Sunday afternoon with Ladslad but we got blown off the water by the northerly that was pumping through.



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