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Advice On Kingfish Rod And Reel


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What size kings are we talking?

Daiwa opus bull 4500 is quality for it's price - it's a bigish threadline, but well made with tons of drag, s/s, sealed drag etc that will work well for light-medium trolling/boat fishing. I have one of these with a shimano catana rod that's never let me down (although i've never tested that rod on anything too large and incharge). I know you can get this as a combo under $200 if you google it. I use this on a rock rod too so it's a handy reel to have. Also check out penn spinfishers.

If you want something lighter/smaller to cast and spin with, the shimano symetre is priced very well (3000 or 4000 size spool with braid will work). Whack one of them with a starlo stix 4-8kg. that'l be over $200 but well worth the extra. That's a light set-up but great for small kings. Ive had a few 90cm+ kings on the same set-up and it was sweet. You don't always have to spend big to get qaulity but stretch you budget a little and you'll thank yourself later.

Just make sure you get a decent reel that's the main thing. Kings don't stuff around. If you buy something shite you'll end up buying again trust me everyonme does it.

Just my 2c i'm sure the others on here will help you out

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I would say its better to spend a little bit more money on gear. Remember you always get what you pay for.

I was like that before and I like spending money on cheaper gear thinking it would do the job and eventually realized that of all the money I spent on the cheap stuff could have saved it and bought a better one. Think of it as an investment and when its time to sell it wouldnt be hard as alot of people wants good stuff in a cheaper price even if its second hand. Talk to tackle shops or even our sponsor Gofish at Dural they will advise you what gear is good enough for the fish you want to catch.

Good Luck


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G'day Wantingaboat,

No mate, you're not delusional. Of course you get better gear for more money (usually) but the gear you really want is the best you can afford for the money you want to spend. It's better to be out there fishing with a moderately priced outfit than sitting at home waiting for the money to appear so you can buy something better.

My advice is to always have a chat to a professional... give Pete a call at GoFish... not just because they're site sponsors but because they'll give you great honest advice and help you work out an outfit that suits your fishing and budget.

A second hand outfit from the 'swap & sell' forum of Raider is a good option too if the right one pops up... just make sure you get something that suits what you want to do. If you have any doubts send a PM to a moderator, admin or an experienced Raider.

Just remember that in years gone by most fishing was done with chord hand-lines and they still caught fish... If and when you feel like shelling out more, then do... but it's not a prerequisite to having a great time fishing.

Cheers, Slinky

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my favourite combo is a Charter special 2000 lever drag & ugly stick OHG66

or their is a charter special combo out by Shimano that is about the $229

For a reel of $150, which is what you can pick them up for when they are on sale.

I have caught many snapper over 10kg's, shark, rays and of course kings on this combo

and use it downrigging, live baiting or with cut baits.

Dont be put off by the price, these and the TLD's punch way above their price,

but as they been around for ages ( more than a decade ) all the R&D has been paid for so

the cost has come down.

Lever drag is much more fun on the kings, it will skull drag in the rats, do extremely well on the 80-90cm

models and will handle a big king no problems. ( well its will a least hold it long enough till you get into problems which will happen)

I fished in 1998 on a southern ocean expedition off Port Lincoln and a lot of the guys used Charter Specials

on big samsons without any problems, I'm not saying their are a saltiga or a stella but you could by two of

these combos, braid, hooks, tackle and fill the boat with fuel for the price of 4500 or 6500 saltiga

Other raiders will have many varied opinions, but show me a reel for $150 that will out perform it.

Plus you can sometimes get a free hat with it....

I do love my tierra though....

PM me if you want any more details


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Mate my first ever kingy combo cost me exactly $149 and i still beleive it is that price adn that combo caught alot of kings for me and never failed...

Its was a Penn 330Gti on a Penn Mariner plus Rod........That outfit will have no trouble catching kings for you

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Hi Wantingaboat,

I fish for kings with a Penn cv8000 loaded with 30lb braid and 7ft jarvis walker GEN X rod 6 - 10kg, the whole set up will cost you right in the ball park of what you are looking for!!

The biggest king I have caught is about 80cm am it handled it no worries. the only time you will need anything heavier for fish in that range is if you are fishing around rough bottom so you have more stopping power!!

Have a chat with Pete at gofish I am sure he would have something similar for the same price range.

good luck.


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