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Shark Attacks


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With a spate of shark attacks lately I am wondering what the public response will be.

Without being an expert I think the cleanliness of the harbour and the loss of pro's, has led to an increase in the number of bait fish and hence bigger predators.

The problem I see is that the general public may well begin to call for the culling of sharks.

There are plenty of people who remember that thug Vic Hislop who went on a quest to catch every shark that killed somebody. Sooner or later some radio shock jock will call for nets across the front of the harbour or mass dragnets to get every bull shark.

The real answer is use the water with common sense. Dont swim in deep water near bait areas, dont swim at dawn and dusk etc.

Or better still do what I and do dont go on the water without plastic under you. :1prop:


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I reckon some of the no name fishing charter business will try to make this an attraction for people who wants to catch a big fish and make money out off it and charters like FishAbout wouldnt touch this species as they got respect for marine life unless they accidentally hooked it.

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I suspect the explanation for the recent influx of sharks into the harbour is pretty simple. Sure the water is cleaner, and pro-fishing has stopped, but that has been the case for the past few years.

Last weekend the ocean water had dropped to around 16 degrees down around Bondi. Around the Heads it was about 18 degrees, as it was at Little Manly where we stopped for awhile. That is unseasonably low. The water is also dirty heavy in algae, judging by our lines.

Back at Rose Bay the same day the water was 23 degrees, and lots of baitfish showing on the sounder. I hear that Balmoral was much the same.

If you were a "warm water" shark, where would you go try and stay at the moment?



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I would much rather the pro's stay out of the harbour, it has become such a good fishery since they've left and it needs to be kept that way. If you don't want to be eaten then go in the water, its not hard, just need to make sure that people are aware. Something should be done off the beaches though, they are meant for people to swim and enjoy themselves in the water without having the imminent threat of sharks.

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At the end of the day when we go into the water, we venture into the sharks territory and take that risk. You just have to use your common sense.

absolutely correct Glenn! we are in their domain not ours. Sometimes we as human beings forget things like that and think we have a god given right to rule over everything - Guess what, sometimes we arent the ones at the top of the food chain and thats the way its suppose to be! everything on this earth has a place and the water is where sharks live its their right to be there as much as we may not like it - be careful and dont assume that it cant happen to you. thats my advice.


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lets put this in perspective more people are killed by bees than sharks

so if you see a bee run :074:

i was just about to say the same thing. people get bitten by snakes all the time but you never hear this outcry and are simple told if you go walking through the bush wear shoes or dont stick your hand down a dark hole where they might be. Same principle applies to the water. watched a doco on sharks the other day about shark attacks in AUS and statistically speaking Syd harbour is the most likeliest place to be killed by a shark in AUS

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