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How Heavy Should I Spool


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Hey raiders,

I recently bought a daiwa sol 2500, and i want to know which braid to put on it and how heavy??

i will put the reel on a 7ft rod 3-6kg rod... my fishing mentor (knows his fishing well) has advised me to put 10lb nitlon braid on it. After reading alot of posts, no one seems to be going that heavy with a combo that size...

i noticed the majority load it up with 4-8lb braid max

i will be mainly targeting flatties, bream, whiting etc with soft plastics, lures and the occasional bait. My mates reasoning is he's afraid i'll get busted off if a decent flatty or a by-catch kingy comes along.

if i decide to go with lighter braid, I have another 2500 size reel that is loaded with 6lb rovex braid, but the reel is a crappy shakespeare... should i take the braid off that and put it on the sol?? (that braid cost me 67 bucks... supposed to be good braid)

Just thought i'd get a second opinion...

cheers in advance raiders


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Hi Kiro It might be a good idea to get hold of a spare spool for the Daiwa and spool the original spool with the 10lb braid that you've been advised to use by your mentor.

........On the spare spool you could use light weight mono leader material with braid backing.....have the monfilament long enough to have you mainly fishing with lightweight monofilament line instead of braid, should the occasion to use the spare spool arise, and particularly where monofilament is needed for example when fishing in rough terrain or when you run into whiting when you're fishing for bream or flathead.

You can fill the original spool with braid and add normal length leader to it and also reverse the line/s around and swap it over to the other the spool and vice versa, whenever you need to have unused line at the front. That way you can nicely cover most estuary species and have two different spools of line in hand which will suit all the species mentioned and your favourite rod.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hey kiro lol =)

go 4lb fireline on those small reels

beautiful for flicking sp/s plus u want the line light, yet strong as possible for further flick + strength

i have 4lb WHITE fireline on my 2500 Saros, catch flattys all the time with sps!

also use 8-10lb mono FC trace if ur gonna go for flattys

just my 2 cents


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4 lbs daiwa sensor braid on one spool and 10 lbs on the other. Thats how I set up my Sol. I use the 4lbs spool most of the time and just adjust on the leader (from 6 to 10lbs flouro). Yes you get bust ups but its fun when you here that zzzzzzz sound.

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