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Middle Harbour Flattie

King slayer

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I was rained off today early so after a quick stop over at GoFish and a quick chat, got Pete's last bag of IQF pillies and took off to my favourite spot in upper middle harbour for a quick tide change session, via home to grab my gear. (I can handle rain when fishing, not working though).

The target was a jew, but the best bait I could get was the pillies, so it was one of those out on a two hook rig and flick around a plastic at the high tide.

After the tide turned my bait runner goes zzinging and so I pick up the rod, strike and reel her in. no fight though and my hopes of a jew were vanishing. But up came a good size flattie, 62cms and from memory my PB! I was happy with that and tried for a while longer before heading home with no jew.

there were heaps of big mullet feeding and cruising by but as usual they won't eat anything I offer. Should be a good bait up there now though if you can get a few.

Thanks for the pillies Pete!

Here's the pic.

Cheers, Dave


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Hi dave,

Were you fishing near the man made waterfall?

I was leaving after my fishing trip and noted someone landbased.

The run in tide was a good option.

The jews should really come on big time from the new moon onwards especially with a bit of fresh water thrown in the mix.

Mate do you have a boat?


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...........Were you fishing near the man made waterfall?


Good effort Dave!

This is where Dave was fishing Mike

post-829-1234567044_thumb.jpg :D

I'm in the process at the moment of setting up a waterfall effect on the back of my boat for burley and fish mustering purposes. They'll soon be saying here comes Mr Whippee!! :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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