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Bobbin Head Monster


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Hi all,

Thought i would post a report from a few weeks back but its my first so hopefully it all works ok. A mate of mine had just bought a second hand hornet trophey and asked if i wanted to go out for a fish. I had never used SP before but he told me they were heaps of fun so i bought a few packs and off we went. We fished for about two hours with my mate catching about 5 flattys and a few bream and i had zitch. The luck changed and he went cold and i was busy bringing in a 36cm bream which we were both impressd by. I was quickly learning to use the SP and my next fish was a little soapie. First ever jew. Pathetically small but still a first.


The day progressed with a few more flathead in the boat ready for the table when we decided to head for home. As i hadnt been out for some time i said give it a few more casts. Next cast i felt something decent. It actually came to the surface without much fuss when both me and my mate yelled holy ..... as we layed eyes on it. I thought it was a ray from the width of its melon but then realised it was a flatty. As i said it came to the surface without a fuss but then it went mental shaking it head splashing water everywhere. My mate thought my inexperience and my 6 pound tackle was a goner and was laughing his head off. The fat flatty ate a tiny 3 inch pogy. Anyway to cut a long story short we got her in the net and on board. Measured her up at 96cms. I had no idea about breeding or how old they are. I was licking my lips thinking there would be some good fillets there but my mate said i wasnt keeping her but she was going back. I thought he was crazy but after much reading since it seems that is the done thing if its still alive.



Anyway a great day out. Hope my first report was not dead boring and that the pics work. I dont want any grief about my wicked jumper either.

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I had a jumper similar to yours that my 75 year old father gave me for xmas years ago, my misses called it fugley (****** ugly) :074:

Good flatty mate, when u bring a flatty up try not to lift his head out of the water till u get him in the net and u wont get the risk of him sawing through your leader. also congrats on your first jewie, dont worry about the size mate a jewies a jewie eh. :thumbup:

cheers brett

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Mate talk about beginners luck :1prop: Nice fish really really nice and on soft plastics to boot. Makes me want to cry..............

What is it and beginners. Took a bloke out fishing in Townsville many years ago, borrowed rod and lure. He had NEVER even fished before.

Hooks up and pulls in a 80+cm Barra on first go! Two casts later a huge mangrove jack.............

Well done.

If your luck is that good you can come for a fish in my boat anytime!


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NNIICCEEE!!!!where can I get a jumper like that ? the fish are obviously attracted to it!!! :074::074:

top flattie mate.I know exactly where that spot is I looked at it myself and thought it could be a sneaky bream and flathead spot at night but havent tried it yet.

great first post!

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Sorry i didnt weigh her. We didnt have any scales on the boat. With regard to not bringing their head out of the water is there any particular method for this cos as i dont think i tried to pull his head out. She came to the boat quite easily but when she saw the boat went crazy. Not sure how to stop this?


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