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Fishing With Jani


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Hi all

Jani & Saija arrived in Forster on Wednesday, in the pouring rain! My mobile phone was down & they couldn't reach me! They were also having problems with the 240v power to their camper & Saija had injured her knee :( I finally met up with them (in the rain) at the Caravan Park on Thurs & we chatted & made tentative plans to meet up for a fish on the Friday. We compared fishing tackle & I gave Jani a selection of my preferred sp lures (including my squidgy silver fox ) THey were keen to sort out Saija's knee & also the 240v issue, so I left them to it (in the rain.)

Friday morning & all has been sorted .... Saija's knee is bound up but still frail & she has pain killers & anti inflams .... the 240v has been sorted & Jani is ready to hit the water. Saija was resting her knee.

We headed over to Tuncurry to fish some spots where I regularly get flatties & bream ...... I'd decided against taking the yaks as it was raining & looked like it would continue ...... WRONG decision in hindsight, unfortunately, as it ended up being the only chance we had to hit the water & it would have been fine for the yaks!!

I'd brought some Forster Prawns along ...... just in case ....... and after a few casts with sps, we succumbed to bait :wacko: ..... but we were still using the jig heads :1prop: !! Jani landed a small bream, then a nicer bream that went back, (a nice keeper, put back.)


We moved around to the channel & I managed to bring in a couple of small flatties that went back (first that Jani had seen.) We caught lots of small bream, but no big fish here. Nice spot that usually produces tho!


At this point in time, I was very annoyed with myself for not bringing the yaks with me, as the weather made a turn for the better, altho still a bit windy. I was eyeballing the leases that I usually catch my flatties in ...... sadly outside of our casting abilities!

We tried another couple of spots & tried a variety of sps - had lots of hits - Jani was using my Starlo Pro Tournament rod/reel & I tried his Ugly Stick with big reel & 20lb braid on it (or was it 30lb?) hmmmmm - this is not going to toss out lightly weighted lures! However, we both got good hits, just no hookups!

Yesterday Jani invested in a nice Sienna 2500 reel & it sits very nicely on his 3 piece Ugly Stick. He can't wait to try it out on the fish, but, as fate had it, yesterday was the worst day of all! It was absolutely bucketting with rain & big gusting winds. We had a conference in the Laundry of the caravan park, where we debated all the possibilities over the next few days ....... I had noted that it was looking better up north, Brisbane way, whereas the forecast for Forster was bleak till the middle of next week!

They followed me around to the shops & I left them there, only to get a phone call an hour later......with a flat battery! Bugger!! (Jani's favourite new word!) Keith & I went over with a 12v battery & tried to jump start it , then the boys tried to push start it & it was only when we tied their campervan to the back of our little ute & pulled it to get enough momentum, it finally started!! High Fives all round ..... all this was in the rain, too!

Yesterday afternoon, Jani went to Tuncurry (in the rain) & a bloke was fishing with livies under the bridge. He watched this bloke pull in a 70cm flattie on his 2nd cast! I think Jani will now plan on using livies, too!

They came around for dinner last night & we had lots of fun, talking about Finnish & Aussie customs & lots of general chat - they had also decided to head north earlier than planned, on Sun morning, to chase the sun & hopefully they will return to Forster for a couple of days as they head back down the coast again towards Sydney!


I've been 'chatting' to Jani on FIshraider for a couple of years now, & event chatted 'live' when he rang about 6 months ago when discussing this trip. Jani & Saija are a delightful young couple doing their 'trip of a lifetime' and I know they will have heaps of fun heading up the coast, catching up with Fishraider Fraternity of Jewhunter & SLinky & even Outdoor Dan again along the way! :)

Looking forward to catching up again on your way back to Sydney

Cheerio for now


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Good to see you looking after fellow members Roberta and they are indeed a lovely couple :biggrin2:

Its such a pity the weather has conspired aginst our guests from Finland :ranting2:

Cheers Stewy

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.....Its such a pity the weather has conspired aginst our guests from Finland .....

You can say that again, Stewy - especially when they got flooded out in Fiji, too!!! :mad3:

Hopefully things will get better from here on! :biggrin2: He is really keen to land a flattie & a bass!!! I reckon Grant & Slinky should be able to help him with that :1prop:



Finally back online, phone & internet - phone off since Wed & internet off most of yesterday pm & this morning! :1badmood::mad3:

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Well, Jani has experienced a lot of what Australian fishing and weather is all about. From Dollies to Bream, blue skies to grey, and everything in between. :thumbup:

I'm sure they had a fabulous time regardless of the conditions Roberta. They are going to have a million photos and stories for their captivated audience back home. :yahoo:



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