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Kings In Parra River


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Ive seen a few kings off longnose point at the entrance of parra river...

I know this co's while I landbased fishin, I was reeling up my line with a small reddy on, a large kingy decided to chase it but didnt strike :bump0ee:

didnt have my heavy gear to throw out a livie :(

Sparky77 :1fishing1:

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Kings travel up Parra river every year. The furthest I have heard them caught by specialised bream boat spinning specialists is Ryde bridge. I personally have also seen a 4kg Cobia caught at Breakfast Point area and a friend of mine caught one at Gladesville last year. If the food is up river the fish will travel - and before a big fresh like what we are getting now, fish like kingfish will happily travel almost up to the brackish water. Larger kingfish actually will stay all year around about mid way up the harbour - have seen them in July, over 10kg of Longnoise many times but they will not take livebait or even squid.


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