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Fished Yurulbin Point This Morning


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Gday Raiders,

Like most of us, I was pretty sick of this weather so decided to wlak up to Yurulbin point for a fish.

Got there about 9am and it was only raining slightly. Set up the rods and started to fish. Straight away I was on. Only a small snapper, but it was fun to catch afish.

For the next 3 hours or so just about every cast resulted in a fish. All small snapper.

About an hour in to the session the reel took off and after a good fight i landed the 38cm flattie. It was caught on squid.


Apart from small snapper this was the only thing caught today.

There was only 2 other young blokes fishing here and did not seem to be having much luck.

Even though not a lot of keeper fish were caught it was still good to get out of the house and have a bit of fun with the small stuff.

There was also some kind of water bird that was hanging aroung the jetty and it was having as good feed on the small snapper that I was throwing back


Balmain Bob.

P.S Yurulbin Point is at the end of Lousia Rd, Birchgrove. Formally known as Long Nose Point

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Bob, considering the crappy weather, it sounds like you still had a great time. You got plenty of action, even if they were only small snapper, and that flattie is a beauty! Can't complain about that.

It sure beats sitting in an office looking at a computer screen! :wacko:



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