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Braid Diameters V Breaking Strain Table

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

just thought i would share some recent findings concerning braid diameters and breaking strains.

note that braids marked IGFA must break BELOW their stated breaking strain, those not marked IGFA may break at or above their breaking strain

Brand Line Colour BS [lb] Diameter [mm] IGFA

Berkley Fireline Crystal 6 0.15 No

Unitika Silver ThreadYellow 6 0.09 No

Unitika Trout Brown 6 0.09 No

Sunline Castaway Blue 10 0.11 Yes

Unitika Saltwater PEWhite 12 0.09 Yes

Berkley Fireline Yellow 14 0.20 No

Samurai Dyneema Black 14 0.21 No

Sunline Super PE Green 15 0.14 No

Sealine Dyneema Grey 20 0.21 No

Platypus Sink Braid Red 20 0.31 No

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