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Hi Raiders

First up I think I owe an apology.I posted a cartoon that was found to be offensive to some people.So I do apologize to all for lack of thought.And will think before I post in the future.

Ok that over with.I just had 3 weeks off.Due to a herenia opp.But I manage to get up to my sisters place on Berowa Waters for a few days.Man what lesson in frustration in 3 days I got 1 bream at 27cm.The rest of the time was spent retieing hooks.There must have been millions of little chopper taylor.Every time I put a bait out the hook cut off or SP was either had the tail chopped off or cut off right behinde the hook.Must have gone through 2 pac's of 1/0 &2/0 hooks. And I don't want think about the amount of SPs.But as you can see from the pic's still a nice place to recover.





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Thanks to all.I'm recovering pretty well just a little slow in move thats all.Yep sure is a great place for a recovery.A even better place to live.I'll be going up there a fair bit in the future to give a hand aroud the place.As her husband died christmas 07.The traded of is when I've finnished for the day I sit on the jetty and fish.

Hey brickman I'll tell her I've found her a new man :tease: But I might give the idea of a small treble a try but without the wire

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