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Beach Fishing @brighton Le Sands


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Hey there all.... :1welcomeani:

Went fishing this morning off Brighton beach near the hotel

Caught and kept one large Luderick, 2 large whiting 1 large mullet and one decent Tailor :biggrin2:

Heaps of just undersize bream, Tarwhine and snapper

All were caught with nippers except for the tailor on whole pille/ganged hooks :biggrin2:

Big surprise there wasnt much whiting around and the water felt a touch cooler, maybe the fresh water has flushed them out into deeper parts of the bay

Fished the just falling tide, very flat water, maybe too flat for my liking for fishing there today however a beautiful day from the misery weve been having the past two weeks.

Oh yeah almost forgot we lost a thumper of a Flathead up close, looks like he frayed the line and did the runner :1prop:

Fished 0630 to 1030 hrs


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