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Staying At Mcmasters Beach This W.e


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Gday raiders

Few mates and I heading to a mates hol house at Mcmasters Beach for the weekend. Just wondering whether anything is there to be caught off Mcmasters or maybe Copacabana. Also how far is Brisbane Waters from Mcmasters and would that be worth the trip?? Know the question is pretty general but unfortunately I know very little about the fishing up there and was hoping a raider might be able to help me out

Thanks in advance

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I was up there for October long weekend last year for a 4 day Bux party.

I watched some guys pull a stack of big blackfish off the little rock platforms along the beach.

They would walk up, throw a few handfulls of burley in around their floats and wait for 10, if nothing they walk to the next and do it again.

They did a few laps each morning and pullled a good bag every day.

Good luck!


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Do a search on Copacabana and you will see all the previous posts. Seas have settled down a bit now so Macs to Copa surf club would be the go. The area from north of Macs to north of the lake should give you plenty of options. Look for gutters near the lake. Havnt had a look yet but should be some. Copa/Avoca rocks are also spots as is Avoca beach.

You can access Bris waters easy from ramps at Pretty Beach, Empire bay, sth Kincumber, Davistown etc, plenty of ramps within 10-20mins or terrigal haven (ocean). If you go out with boat, Maritime & Police are doing checks, breath tests etc so make sure your a ok.

Look at ramps etc on Maritime's map for BW at http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/docs/maps/brisbane_front.pdf

I was just looking at high tide saturday afternoon, when the :wife: asked "whats on at the movies this weekend ?". Dont think I will be sneaking off somehow as shes picked a 5pm movie :thumbdown:



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