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Daiwa Oceano 4500j Vs. Daiwa Sol 4000


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hey guys, im juggling between the 2...

i've felt both reels, SOL seems to be a TAD smoother + lighter

Oceano has more drag features + more solid

reel will be used for chasing kingys (i hope i can get one this season before they go)

who ever is interested in the OCEANO pm me and i may be able to get it cheaper if we order more than 1 together (less freight cost)

here are pics of both reels

Black and Gold rim OCEANO (bad ass looking)


Orange SOL (sweet ass looking)


what are ur thoughts? does anyone have these reels? what are the pros and cons + comparison?


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G'day , I have a SOL 3000, and wouldn't hestitate in buying another , silky smooth drag, light and strong, I have caught some nice Reddies up to 55cms and it loved the work I asked of it..


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get the oceanio mate, can do so much with it..... I used to have a capricorn 4500J that i loved...

plus it looks soooo good.. I know a bloke that runs it on a rapala braid concept stick and lands king's reguluary... load it up with 30/50lb braid and your set.

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Have you looked at the Daiwa Sealine Bull 4500. I think it is a bit faster then the Oceano at 5.8:1. Possibly a bit better built too.

i've heard lots of negative feedbacks from the sealine bull owners. there's a reason they are cheaper. if you can get the capricorn 4500J mate, u'll be delighted. such a polyvalent reel. nice smooth drag and the reel itself is smooth but strong. the oceano is a cheaper version with less bearing and i'm sure it is a good reel too.



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