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Hi Raiders,

I have spent the last three weekends studying, so havent got out on the water.

I have my Uncle over from Adelaide for the weekend, and have promised to get him onto a king.

With no recon over the past few weeks, the change in weather and all this rain and fresh in the harbour

I'm worried this mission will fail...

( and all through Jan i was emailing him pics of Kings and telling him how easy it was...)

So we are fishing both Days, early Sat in a 28 Riviera, and Sunday morning and afternoon (Yumcha in the middle :biggrin2: ) in my 16 footer.

I dont need anyones secret spots - but the following info if someone would like to share be appreciated:

In the past week or after the rain:

Are the rats still in the harbour and hungry?

Any Kings at the front of North Head or out on Long reef?

Anyone had sucess on the squid in the harbour, or should I target them out on the reefs?

If I hook him onto anything bigger than a garfish he will be happy

PM or post a message here

Taking my shark gear and video camera out on the big boat, if we get lucky I'll post the video

Thanks in advance,


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