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Botany Bay 20/02/09


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Hey people!

Second post here, first report.

Well, after all of last weeks bad weather it was definitely about time for a trip out on my mate Tims boat. We generally fish at night but we thought we would try to drift for some flatties late in the arvo. Hit the water at about 5:30pm and headed to Brighton.

It was a brilliant start to the session, I brought in the first fish, a 40cm flattie which I caught on SP (my first 'decent' one on plastics) and then another mate pulled in the second. Tim brought in the next catch but it wasn't a fish, a pretty decent blue swimmer, quite surprising!

All quiet on the Western front for a bit until I pulled in my best flathead ever! She was quite fat and measured in at about 62cm On Black with gold speckles shad shaped soft plastic. :thumbup::biggrin2:

We headed back to the wharf to pick up some more mates and headed to the big wharf where the tankers come in? Not sure what it's called. Anyway was slower than usual there but I pulled in a 30cm brim and the boys pulled in some various small snapper, flounder, brim, yakkas and what not.

All in all a great session, can't wait to get out there again! Next time I WILL get some squid and go for some Jews and Kings, perhaps I will need some heavier gear though :1prop:

Cheers for reading, here are some of the daytime pics, sorry for the quality it was taken with my phone, not worth posting the night time pics.


first of the average flattie


Blue swimmer


PB flattie! Pictures just don't do em justice!


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:1welcomeani: Joel

Great first report and good photos too. :thumbup:

Any flattie over 60cm is terrific and that blue swimmer is a ripper!

Good luck with the kings and jews. I've never managed to catch either in the Bay. :1badmood:

Look forward to more reports.



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