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How Would You Rig A Big Bait For Of The Beach


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Just looking for a bit of advise on how you guy's would rig up for big bait casting of the beach for jews, and the up's and downs of using these particular rigs...

I've also just purchased my first alvey set up and loving it, it caught a good size whiting first cast so it's know my "lucky rod n reel"...i fingers crossed it will catch me my first jew...One day,lol..

cheers Arron :1fishing1:

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I just tried out the 'pulley rig' in the surf. It is popular with distance casters overseas. It cuts down wind resistance by means of the bait riding close to the sinker. When the bait hits the water it is released from the sinker.

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I use snooded 8-10/0's depending on the size of the bait. Keeping your trace to around 60cm's will help with distance. Use a decend star or grapple sinker if you want to hold bottom. If you want your bait to move then a ball sinker is the go.

I went from long, softer rods with Alveys & threadlines to a more punchy rod & overheads simply to cast big baits from the shore & they work a treat.

Sometimes with really big baits it's the combo your using & not so much the rigs that affect your distance.

Hope this helps.



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