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Quick Flicks Hc

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After a slow last two days at IC decided to fish HC this evening for better results.

Ended up with a variety of bream, flatties and whiting. The highlights being a 33cm bream that fought like it was a demon...love it when bream take those long runs :1prop: . Another high light of the session was hitting a school of whiting averaging bout 30+cm. It was like a whiting every cast for a moment. Great fun on light tackle.

All fish were released for others to enjoy :thumbup: .

27cm bream


33cm bream


good whiting well over 30cm


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Nice H.C session mate. :thumbup:

Did you try any plastics or did you stick with the h.b's?

I nailed a nice bream, flattie & whiting the day before the last social.

Great to see it's still fishing well.



I hooked a flattie early in the sesh with a hard body and it keeped working so i ended up stickin with it the whole sesh :biggrin2:

I must agree HC has been out fishing IC of late. I definitely fish IC more than HC (i guess its just a confidence thing?) but if the trend persists of late i think i have to follow where the fish are and learn more area's in HC :1prop:

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That's a nice whiting. What sort of lure is that... a Chubby? Sounds like you had a great session :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

That lure is a Smith Camion Magnum SR in the above photos.

I was able to get out there again today from 10:30 for a bit less than 2 hrs. Fish were still on the chew as like yesterday i was able to catch a good number of whiting, bream and flathead. The whiting were definitely out numbering the bream and the flatties and they were all around the 30 cm mark also.

I pulled the hooks on two big bream :1badmood: They got my heart racing on their multiple long runs...but they both won today :thumbdown:

....I dont know if its me but i almost always pull the hooks on big bream when im using smaller HB's with size 16 trebles. After they have had a few long runs and changes of direction the hooks pull on their last efforts for freedom. After hookup and once I know I have control of the fish I loosen the drag....but as today the hooks pulled TWICE. I guess I need to be more patient?..

Does anyone else tend to have this problem with small HB's with small trebles?

Anyways...pics are below of some fish from this sesh. All in all a great day out there... lots of fish = lots of fun :biggrin2: . All fish were either self release or release by me!



one of the plentiful nice sized whiting


flattie almost took my lure


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Great work in the two sessions! Sound's like it was heaps fun.

Maybe you should upgrade the trebles on your HBs if they pull the hooks on the better fish? Or even put singles on them?


BTW, Darkhorse, IC is Iron cove and HC is Hen and Chicken bay, both in the harbour around suburbs such as Cabarita and Five dock.

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Hey Raiders

I have been out there again on a few occasions for some quick flicks simply just having fun in my spare time...I seem to have more now that my :wife: is pursuing a career change and is studying and working at the same time :1prop:

newayz below are some of the results


Good flattie 50cm...lost the lure on the next cast as i didnt check the leader and then something big hit it :mad3:


de-virginized my new atomic hardz shad


some more photos

Almost lost that atomic hardz to a 49cm flattie


bream caught on a new SX40LC


another on the same lure (BTW lost this lure last monday on a visit to Berowra to a good bream :1badmood: bought a new one today :biggrin2: )


Went out this afternoon for the sun down and caught heaps of flatties but below was a standout nice 35cm whiting


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Christened my new Luvias Rod 712ULFS with some good bream... :thumbup:

I got out there yesterday evening with my Brother in Law and also a solo effort this morning.

My Brother in law was using my old outfit and was a first time user of HB's. He scored a couple of small bream and his first legal approx 26cm. He was happy as and loves fishing with HB's.

I devirginised my new rod on a nice bream....didn't measure him but he was pushing 30cm


my brother in law with his first legal on hb's


This morning was quite and I only got 1 hit at HC but it was a good one!!!

Nice bream and he measured a tad over 34cm :biggrin2:


All fish were released as I do always in these area's.

Only fished HC for 45mins because it was soo quite and i took off and hit IC where i did better.


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