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Sydney Harbour And Outside Mixed


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Very strange day

caught 4 Squid on Friday and just chilled them so expected a great day, Caught another 3 live one and one small yellow tail, so the day was looking even better with more good bait then we normally get

We also had 4 kg of king prawns and some really good Hawkesbury Prawns.

Caught the yellow tail at the wharf and a heap of very big silver fish we swimming in the bread, the yellow tail did not seam to care, I thing they were Razor backs, I’ve read about them before but not seen them

Headed out to Clifton Garden and put down some Squid hoping for some kings but the small hoards of small fish were stripping our baits faster than we could send them down. After wasting 1.5 hours and over 2 of our precious squids we decided to try somewhere else

Headed to Quarantine Mark but the ocean was flat and my mate a volunteer Coastguard suggested we go Outside to the 60meter depth,

Passed some large fish on the sounder on the way, only 1 or 2. I don’t know much about outside, should we have stopped and tried for them or do you need to find a school?

Finally got to 60 meters nothing on the sounder Put some lines down and drifted. Lost heaps of rigs due to Leather Jackets cutting the lines.

Decided to head back to the harbor and saw a seal near a charter Boat,

Continued to Quarantine mark and drifted past a few times but we were advised the storm was coming and we decided to take some shelter in Rosebay till it passed,

Headed back to Clifton Garden and finally caught something, We fished for another 3 hours, Caught many small snappers, a 39cm Sweet lip, 4 Medium size flat heads, a 55cm Rat, a Medium size Octopus, Baby Woebegone Shark and a live Prawn.

All in all not the most successful day but the most diverse day fishing I’ve ever had

Post report

The red fish tasted like snapper but not as dry (even better if you ask me) & Flat head filets were fantastic fried in beer batter



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