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Jayden & Dad Fishin


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Hey Raiders,

My son Jayden and I went out at gentlemans hours yesterday. I showed Jayden the 34cm Bream i caught in the rain last weekend and he was filthy that i had one up on him. :074:

We headed down to our spot and we found that just like last weekend the fish seemed to be more sparce when the full force of the rain hit.

Anyway about 1/2 hour after the last rain shower Jaydens Ugly Stik bows down hard and the drag starts screaming.

It certainly took us both by surprise.

After some specialist angling and tightning of the drag, Jayden had the fish on the surface.

A nice 26cm Bream. Well done Jayden. :yahoo:

He was happy about it but wanted it to be larger than the one i caught last weekend. :mad3:

We stayed till 7pm up to the turn of the tide as we had only yakkas caught (next weeks bait) and we both got hungry.

All in all it was good fun

Take care all




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