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Botany Bay 22/2/09


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post-571-1235277044_thumb.jpgHit the Bay at first light spinning around the channel markers at port Botany got a couple of hook ups landed one it went 63cm[forgot to take pic] after that the kings would follow the lure to the boat but would not take it, so decided to spin for flathead went to croynes at Kurnell caught at least 20 flathead only 6 were keepers 40 to 50cm but while doing this managed to get another king but as was I only using a 3kg leader it was quite a struggle he almost spooled me on the first run so I chased him with boat until I got some line back it took about 10 minutes to get him to the boat he was exhausted and so was I ,he only went 61cm so back he went but I did remember to take a pic all in all a very enjoyable morning
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