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Hi all

I would just like to comment on how good our harbour is

This morning i was sitting by the water eating my bacon and egg roll yummmmm when i noticed 2 mullet cruise past so i through some bread in they egnored it but the black fish, bream and fan bellies didnt there were heaps of them and a very good size too while on the surface a prawn swims bye with a squid following close behind it, as i was pointing the prawn and squid out to a work mate 2 rat kingys fly bye where is the rod when you need it

This all happened in about 5 minutes and by the end of that 5 minutes i think i only ate half the bacon egg roll and the fish ate the other half

seeing this has lifted my spirits :1clap: as i went for a fish on sun in the new boat and all i caught were small snapper :mad3: i now know where i will be wetting the line this weekend :1fishing1:


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I can see the flaw in your approach.

You have to be eating a Bacon and Egg roll when you're fishing....

Isn't it obvious ( :biggrin2: ) ?

The fish can smell it a mile off - THAT'S what they wanted to eat...

So ditch the bait shop and hit mackas for 7 of them.... One for you and 6 for the bait.

At least if the fish don't show, you can say you ate your bait.....


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