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hi guys

i am new to this forum

i am heading this Friday night for fishing of Bherewere beach ,jervis bay

any tips of what bait to use and what fish to expect at this time of the year ?

what tide to fish ?


I've fished this beach on a number of occasions particularly around the gutters from the Southern End to about 1.5km to the North. Done well early on big Bream using small sections of mullet & salmon fillets on double snooded 4/0 Octopus on a running paternoster style rig.

I've allways favoured using berley on this beach 9cat food in an onion bag). Best to scope out the beach the day before and then come back early (0400hr) the next morning and fish the dawn.

Also done well on the salmon & tailor late in the day.

Also try Caves Beach to the North, the rocks from the Northern end of the beach do well for small snapper & salmon get in behind the reef area as well (use pillies)- the place smells of Jewwie but I've not been able to get down there for some time to have a shot at the.

Good Luck, Let me know how you go.

Best Rgds Fishead62

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