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Any Older Members Recognised This Fisherman?


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Just having a quiet day at home looking back thru some photos. This is a photo of my best friend as he looked in the seventees and we still get to fish together whenever we can. He'll be staying with Shirl and myself for a couple of weeks around the end of March after I've had my back operation and we could do with another member on my boat to help out and have a go at the autumn jew. If anyone's interested let me know as we'll be doing a lot of fishing.

Does anyone recognise him in the last photo? I know a few members who will, but may not be on a computer at this time. Would anyone like to have a go at saying who it is, and let me know how they were able to give an answer, as that would make them interesting members to fish with.

I wouldn't expect anyone to recognise the bloke in the balaclava in the first photo or his mate with the wet weather gear and the gaff.


This Photo was taken during the same period.


I'll bet the second photo will give someone on Fishraider a few memories of catching plenty of decent size fish fishing landbased with this bloke many years ago.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:


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