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Hi Gang,

I got the hand shake a couple of weeks ago and finish up tomorrow. :1badmood:

The building industry as I found out is worse than I thought, after contacting every consultant over the last couple of weeks I found out just how dead things are. I heard some rediculous numbers like 400 odd engineers being put on the street over the last month.

Some how now I need to find something else to do until things kick back off again and try not to lose everything.

This is crappy when you have a 5month old and are on one wage... :ranting2:

Am I the only Raider??? :bump0ee:


Roffo :beersmile:

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bad news mate.. i work for a big plumbing company that has gone from 85 blokes in november down to 45 and soon to be less. it really is quiet out there for all trades. not many people want to spend money on a house or building at the moment.sorry to hear the news mate. best of luck with finding a new start

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As an official that works for one of the Unions that looks after construction workers I cant deliver good news.

There are more than a couple of major projects in Sydney that have been put on "hold". As far as we can tell these projects would have employed about 1200-1700 workers throughout this year.

What I will say is this: I was on the tools during the last two recessions that we have had. This one doesn't have the signs of either of them. At one stage in the nineties there were major projects in Sydney that just shut down and stood empty, World Square was probably the biggest but wasn't the only one. If you remember rightly a couple of holes in the ground around town stayed there for between five and ten years. At the same time most residential jobs dried up.

This time there will still be at least five major jobs still running throughout the year (channel seven redfern, centrepoint, 1 bligh st, top ryde shopping centre, the hyde apartments) as well as other decent sized jobs. On top of that the medium sized residential hasn't completely dried up.

Whilst Rudd has announced money for infrastructure etc the majority of it will be spent after the recession has ended. This isn't a great thing but it does mean that we will come out of this downturn quicker than we have in the past. On top of that there are a couple of medium sized civil jobs that were paid for prior to the meltdown that will employ a few people (port expansion, desal, amcor papermill etc).

This isnt much help though Roffo cause you may have to wait a few months for a start.

Good luck I know what its like having copped four redundancies myself.


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Hey mate I too am an engineer and like others have had a downturn in the level of business. Luckily I'm just having a few 3 day weekends (meaning i can fish Mondays instead of on the busy weekend!!!) to cater for it and am able to keep my job.

Keep your head up, things will change. The most annoying thing for me is that the decrease in income through the lost days ends up being felt harder because I'm keen to get out and fish (i.e. spend money) on those days lol.. :1fishing1:

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Keep your chin up Pete! :thumbup: ........Whatever you do don't take it personally as there may well be genuine reasons for a company tightening up or redirecting their own issues one way or another........Laying off staff is not always the economy these days, but can be more than likely due to their own shortcomings and allowing twits to run the show and the old story of little boys carrying on with their new shoes and socks on someone else's boardroom table after hours, enjoying freebies and diners club cards and then complaining about the food and the cab fare home and then wanting overloaded receipts which was about the only thing they could add up on their own, while dribbling and sweating over four shillings change on a loaded docket :ranting2::lol: .... Being an ex cab driver, I recognise these twits on sight these days and I reckon I'd hardly find a friend at the Royal Easter show...... These so called executives accomplish nothing except for getting hold of a new lawn mower on the company every now and then ...... ....... When I was a young purchasing officer if you would call it that, the so called execuctive click were actually hiding from me at the races on Wednesdays. :1yikes::tease:

You may not know it now Pete but this country needs engineers..... I'm not sure why, but I'll bet money you'll look back on this and laugh and say thank God I got out of there and left them and the rest of their phoney golf playing brown tongue chronies thrashing their arms around in a smaller jar of glue. :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1: Give me a ring Pete I've got quite a few more pages to say. :biggrin2:

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HI Roffo, sorry to hear your bad news.

I actually do building approvals as a Accredited Certifier.

They are and have been 50% down!!

can't see it picking up real quick either, the State government has to drop all its stupid taxes and provide some incentives for a change.

Hang in there and good luck

Trapper Tom

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