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Good Vacuum Sealer - Cheap Bags ?


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Arvo gents and ladies,

I've decided to go all professional and vacuum seal my squid as soon as i get home after keeping them in water - even though i have no squid to show for it lol

I was wondering if anyone can help me out, i don't mind paying abit to get a good vacuum sealer, so long as the bags are cheap ..

Can anyone recommend a good brand with cheap bags ? I heard sunbeam are great but bags are expensive. . I read one person buys the resealable bags ( Glad for example ) , cuts off the seals and sticks one inside the other for thickness , then whacks them into the machine.

Anyone recommend this idea ? or have any tricks to save on bags ?

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Be careful about which bags are compatible with your sealer. I bought some bags online from dealsdirect and they didn't work with my sunbeam sealer. I now get my bags from a well known budget department store starting with K that gets automatically censored when you type it. they are a wee bit pricey but at the rate i've been catching squid, it isnt an issue at the moment!

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I bought a sh*tpile of bags for my sunbeam a couple of years ago from a website that's named after a South American River and they were way cheaper than I could get them from in Australia. That was before the dollar rose then fell, so the xchange rate was probably similar to the current exchange rate. You can buy the bags okay from Am*zon but not the machines. Ebay can also be a good source (check the American site, not just the Australian site)



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