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Hawkesbury Juno Point Friday Evening/sat Morning


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Got in the juice at Parsley Bay ramp at about 11pm, headed out to just inside of Juno Point, anchored for a few hours,

only to catch eel tailed Catfish & Port Jackson Sharks Galore :thumbdown:

Have learnt to cut Catfish off (Not to mess with them) as 'deckie Rod', got spiked by one last time he was out with me (2 weeks ago), and the scar seems worse now!! (Could see the pain in the blokes Face at the time........to the extent I donated my last 1/2 beer!!! for medicinal puproses)

After cutting off enough catfish to kill a horse, we ventured on to a drift which yeilded ...............................

More Catfish :mad3:

tried a few other spots...too no avail

Anchored at Juno.......fell asleep for an hour or too (Nervously......allthough chop was low, it was the first time anchored that close to the sea for me)........in my 1 Month owned second hand Fishabout.

Awoke just prior to day break to what must have been wash from a 'dang big boat' ....which had us wondering 'Whats the Queen Mary doing in the Hawkesbury!' ...didn't actually see what caused the swell but had my little boats occupants worried!

Proceeded over to drift from inside Flint & Steel bay, on the incoming tide...to catch a nice tasty size 58cm Flatty.

With some mega fast & Sharp bust offs!!! Jewie??? (Rod Bends.....snap) ........Drag didn't seem to play a part

of it as........it was just 'BANG!!!' Snap! GONE!!! :05:

Did catch a few undersize Jewies, a big ray (a lot off fun to play with for Rod), A leather Jacket off the rocks

Ended up with a swim off one of them little beaches, and back in for another drift for 'nutter' but....

All in all! a good night out ....not much to keep.............................But was great just 'Bobbin around'


...PS Still havn't seen a Marlin......Must be the wrong spot? :tease:

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Great story

it wasnt the best night ever but still sounds like you had fun

Thanks Johno ......If only those 'snap offs' was on the Baitrunner reel.....I Might have done better!

Have never seen a quicker Take/Run/Snap! ........it was on a full Squid (Tweed bait Frozen)....bit in good nick.

it was more Take/Snap, without the run.

I'm not experieced but (Geez does anyone know an experienced angler from the Blue Mountains?) lol

next time its heavyer gear ( the bust point was on 12KG Braid ....at a knot)


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hey greg your gamer than me having a kip on the boat at night

i had the same thing happen to me regarding the bustoffs and i was using bait runners with 30lb braid

it would take off as soon as i set the hook ping i think you were hit by the men in grey suits


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Thanks Gary ..yere will venture out after a nap next time!.......in hind sight was prob stupid!

Anyway...perhaps it was the 'Grey Suits' that might have visited ..the way that rod bent and the line snapped...was so 'whack bam gone' ........I would have lost heaps of line & perhaps a rod ....had it been on the heavier geared setup!

I also just realised that I used a box of 'whiskers' cat biscuits as Berley!!!

It was First time ever (Usually use a mix of shop bought and tuna oil).........but on the way realised I had left the berley at home and on 'instict' ....looked at cat biscuits ......'whiskas cat food berley' may explain the 'Cat fish'!!! ....never done the cat food burley b4, but thought better than none.....NEVER AGIN!

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