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Grease And Oil Cleaners


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i've dropped a reel into the sand so i want to have a go at dismantling it and service the whole reel.

what do you use to clean off the old grease and oil? besides moving parts, do i need to clean the inside parts of the body as well?

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G'day Scotty,

White Spirits is the best stuff I've found for cleaning off lubricants. If you're going to strip down your reel, then yes... clean everything. If you clean only the moving parts but there is some sand somewhere inside the body, there's a good chance that it will eventually find it's way into something important.

Not sure from your post whether you've had a go at this before but just in case, a couple of tips:

- make sure that you've got a schematic diagram of your reel handy

- dismantle & service the reel in sections (eg. do the drag separately... clean it... reassemble it... move on to the next bit, etc). This means you have fewer parts 'floating around'

- As you dismantle, put all the parts in a logical sequence on a white towel or cloth (white so you can see everything... even small bits. Sequenced so that you know the order for reassembly)

- clean each part one at a time... don't dump them all into white spirits together or you'll never remember what went where.

- be particularly careful with any springs... they have a habit of going flying.

- of you do drop a part, shine a lamp across the floor at ground level. It will make even a small part throw a shadow that makes them much easier to find. (do NOT service reels anywhere with a deep pile or strongly patterned carpet or your dropped parts will be gone forever).

Cheers, Slinky

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thanks for tips slinky! i haven't had a go yet but i have a few things prepared like white trays and clear working area.

would white spirit damage paints and plastics? may sound stupid but i've gotta so i would wipe excess off immediately.

i've only got diawa grease and oil. are there any other lubes/grease i would need?

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thats great advice there slinky..

have a good look at the schematics before you delve into it and look for that bloody spring anywhere thats bound to pop off and fly away for the little gremlins to steal from ya...

as for cleaning fluid,yeh white spirits is not a good friend with alot of plastics/rubber etc...

i would recommend Isopropyl alcohol as it will be more friendlier and is what i have used for many years....

dont use wd40 as its not good for the real...

if you can get hold of some ballistol in a spray can


this is what the shimano service guys have been using for a few yrs now and has no effect on line etc..

some drag washers are greased and some not....

check your metal washers are flat and polish if needed....

i would also use cals grease on drag if needed

google is your best friend sometimes so search away if needed....

good luck,the enjoyment/satisfaction you get from doing it yourself when alls done is great and $$ saved is a bonus...

heres a topic that was good not too long ago http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.ph...=34086&st=0

search for others as well....

hope this helps...cheers...steve...

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Your getting some top advice dude, and I'm repeating the don't use WD40 line, its cost me hundreds of dollars replacing the line on my Marlin reels, it didn't seem to affect my smaller reels, but after trying to pre set my drags for this season, my lines were down to half the original breaking strain.....1000m of any kind of line isn't cheap.....

Cheers, Tobe

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