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Howdy raiders

Decided to go for a quick plastics sesion this morning.

I decided to got to Hawthorne canal, it usually produces fish for me.

Fished from 9.15-10.00 for two flatties on plastics.

These two flatties were the first two fish i have caught on plastics :1prop::thumbup:

First fish


Second fish


The plastic that did the damage was a squidgy bloodworm wriggler in 80mm


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Hi Hazza,

Congrats on your first soft plastic Flatties. :thumbup:

There are plenty of fish in the canal that will take a plastic.

Flatties, bream, tailor, whiting have not had one of those big jumping mullet though.

Also try around the mangroves back from Rodd point

Keep up the good work.

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Good work mate, tried iron cove on sunday too... not the canal though. Was under the bridge at rozelle, saw a heap of boats and a few kayaks working the pylons... all i could manage was a small tailor.

Don't mind hawthorne, have picked up some flatties and do here of some good bream around.

Let me know if you are having a spin over the next week and i'll come and join ya with some SPs


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