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Day At Hawkesbury


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Well firstly went up to hawkesbury just Yesterday, 28/2/09 and was a great days fishing.

We were around lion island and just drifted around for fish, and got some good ones.

We got 3 sharks, on Dead Yellowtail. we threw the sharks back ofcourse.


We had one 60cm+ flattie, that got away on the top of the surface :( but we ended up regaining that with a 55cm one. along with 2 45cm and some 37cm flatties. Also got a Flounder which just beat the legal length of 25cm. A YellowFin bream which was 27cm then a family friend took a Yellowtail (dont know why) but yea.

Also got some little Sand Whiting, but a bit to small so we let them go. We caught the fish on fresh prawns from hawkesbury.

Over all the day was great and fun.



oops. just realised i put in the wrong thread. if someone could move it, that would be great :)

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