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South Coast Sojourn


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Hi All

Just back from a quick 3 days down the coast at Lake Tabourie. We head down there at least a couple of times a year and had 4 other families there with us. We were doing it in luxury in one of the Beachfront cabins this year with just a short 100m stroll down to the beach

Beachfront View


The scene of my best SP sessions, the flathead did not want to cooperate at all with not one landed on a rod, although saw a few snorkling. So ended up spending a couple of sessions on the rocks on the northern side of the island with Rodhogger and friends joining me. The bay just inside the rocky point was full of whitebait and garfish so certainly looked fishy. Over three sessions we managed more than 20 salmon as well as several trevally, tailor, a couple of rat kingfish and even a frigate mackeral. All fish landed on lures or slow spun pilchards.

Rather than normally having just the 2 of us in a boat, Rodhogger had to put up with more than half a dozen people crammed onto a small flattish rocky area so casting was fun. One memorable fish landed was a nice fat Salmon that RH hooked on 6lb spin gear and which over the next 5 minutes managed to tangle up all other lines in the water. I ended up holding the back of his pants whilst he was leaning out trying to manouver the fish out of the kelp several times with his mates hooting (just don't tell his mother).


We experimented a bit during the day and had a fun session trolling from a canoe. Only managed a small Salmon however riding the surf back into shore more than made up for it.


And to top off the day after the hard 100m walk back to the cabin we had a relaxing spa to come back to ... life sure can be tough


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