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Dawn Patrol Goon Style 5/03/05

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Extasea and I hit the Goon up at dawn last saturday morning and I Haven't had a chance to post a report until now. It was still quite dark when we arrived at the Goon, the wasn't a breath of wind and the water level was quite high as a result of the recent rain. As usual we started with surface lures, extasea working the shallow flats for bream with his lure of choce the buggi pop and myself prefering to cast a slightly larger surface offering in the deeper water.

Not a lot happened for the first half an our or so, but once it became light enough Extasea open his account with a bream that hits his buggi pop god knows how many times before being hooked. A short while later I was aggressively retreiving my heddon's tiny torpedo accross the surface in short sharp bursts when it got absolutely walloped in front of the reeds on the opposite side, the fish thrashed on the surface almost tail walking for a half a metre or so as the drag started to sing briefly before The hooks somehow pulled :ranting2::05: ...well at least it got the adrenaline going! A short time later Extasea utilising a much more subtle retreive hooks up to a solid fish, in slightly deeper water, the fish was thrashing on the surface briefly before digging deeper with a few short surging runs. As he worked it toward the shore the call from Extasea was EP, which was confimed as he hastily scrambled down the bank and hauled onto the grass...a happier man I have not see for some to time :biggrin2: A quick measurement against the rod (later confirmed to be 35cm's) and a few quick snaps before release. a short time later with it now being reasonably light he was on again...with the tell tale surface thrashing about on the surface, before another smaller EP was brought to shore. The scenario repeated itself a couple more times over the next half our, with plenty of boils and missed hits behind our lures, luckily I was able to get into the act as well landing a nice one on my koolabung cicada fizzer.

All in all a memorable morning session and it was very surprising to see the EP's so willingly responding to surface offerings...but hey its the goon expect anything!





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