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Happy Birthday Stumpy


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:1happybday::1happybday: Happy 41st Murray Hope you have a good day today and get lots of nice presents from your family. I also hope you managed to fix the damage and bring the Bertram back to as good as new :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks heaps guys, (and Gals)

I know my reply is a littl late, but my mind has been in other places recently !

My Birthday was cool, heaps of socks and undies :thumbdown: , but I did get a nice cook book for seafood :thumbup:

Just to bring you up to speed, Day Release is still parked up. I havent been on it since the little event up at SWR. But my aim is to see it out soon.Thanks for the offer to help with repairs Guys, but at the moment i'm working my ass off to keep the house afloat, let-alone the boat !


And happy.............er.........Shark Fishing!

Stumpy :biggrin2:

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