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Old Penn Ss Seies Reels


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Just got back from a trip to Japan to show off or little bub (6 months old), no real chance for fishing (and it was bloody cold!!) but I did visit a few tackle shops around Shibuya in Tokyo. I found what I thought at the time was a good deal on a classic reel which may not be up with the latest and greatest but was a good reel in its time. I picked up a Penn 6500 SS J (Spinfisher series in other countries), also the Japanese model came with 5 sealed bearings not the standard 3 (I think). It cost about $40 with current exchange rates with box, reel bag and all original paper work. The box is stamped 1999.

My question is, is this reel still good enough today (I know Its no top end Shimano or Daiwa) but is it still good enough for general beach fishing with say 20 lb braid for salmon, tailor and occasional Jew or is it better to relegate this antique to the pool room?

BTW whatever the responses I love the workmanship on these hand built old reels and don't regret my purchase.

Also whilst in Japan I ate Aji many times in various guises, smoked, steamed and pan fried. (Aji is the Japanes name for or ubiquitous Yakka) and being an Aussie I was not keen but the taste is quite good (the Yakkas are generally larger than the ones we use for ideal bait here.

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