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Harbour On Friday


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Hey there. Have not posted for a while, thought i would write a quicky about me and pw's day out on friday.

Started out looking for squid...none.

Trolled around the headlands in the harbour for a couple of decent bonito and a rat king. They all took a diving lure ( were also trolling a sluggo and skirt)

Moved to bluefish for zilch

On the way home saw good schools in upper middle harbour.

Pulled a few frigate mackerel and tailor from in the schools. But everyone at them seemed to be doing it tough. Normal lure techniques were failing. What i found was the best method was to use a bass minnow and let it float down through or next to the bait school is if it were dead then slightly twitch it.

We saw some massive kings under the school but could not get them to bight. Tried sluggos etc but no dice.



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