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Popper Session

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Headed out late Saturday afternoon for a flick in Botany Bay with a few poppers over the flats.

Wind was into it hard and my target fish were Whiting on popper. No luck with the Whiting but did manage a 29cm breambo and 34.5cm breambo (my new PB on popper)

Larger unit was really fat too and put in some screaming runs on 4lb crystal and 8 lb vanish....amazing how slow Bream grow and to think he's probably half my age....15 or so....

I was more there for the sport of it all, so both fish returned to fight another day after a quick pic...

Funnily enough, both fish came out of the same area and the bite really shut down after the bigger unit was landed.....I did release him some 200 meters away from where I hooked him but I think the fight he put up

might have spooked his mates.



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Well done Brendon. Great looking lure (which was recommended to me just recently I reckon :biggrin2:) ... I have a couple now too! Good to see you are still hitting the top water stuff mate.



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