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The Harbour Is Alive

Moro Mou

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Raiders - a delayed report from the weekend.

Hit the harbour Sat am and my mate and i were not alone as there were plenty of boats enjoying the serenity. The game plan was to catch some yakkas and then hopefully convert them into a king or two. However like all good plans something went a miss and the yakkas didn't follow the script. So after some head scratching a suitable plan b was thought out. A quick troll through the harbour while still head scraching produced a nice tailor (pic attached) but unfortunatley it was alone us we could not drum up anymore.

We then decided to do some bait bashing and this is when things started to heat up. We caught a wide variety of fish including trevally, flathead, flounder, bream, a heap of undersize snapper and we even had a double hook up on a couple of rat kings which had us dancing around the boat trying to avoid tangles. Somehow they were both landed but being well undersize they were promptly returned. A few rubbish fish (shovel nose and banjo sharks) but all in all it was pretty consistent action. All fish were caught on a variety of bait including pillies, prawns, squid and soft plastics. The surprize catch was the shovel nose on a SP.

Of all the fish we caught (including 12 legal flatties) only 4 flatties were kept for the table and they were a treat in a beer batter later that evening with a cold beer.

No records but plenty of fun and a good feed to top off the day. It is great to see that harbour alive and well.

A few pics.

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Sounds like a great day. It's good to see a few fish around.

I was out Saturday too, (off Cronulla), and despite a lack of good size keepers, it was a beautiful day on the water. Like you there was plenty of action with a few shovel nose rays and a gummy shark. Always fun on light gear.



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