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Lobster And Mud Crab Traps Allowed In Sydney Harbour?


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Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering whether mud and lobster traps are able to be used in Sydney Harbour? The DPI has a moratorium on "Shellfish" in Port Jackson and its tributaries, but I am assuming that doesn't include crustaceans.

As I read it, you are not allowed to net in Middle Harbour above Roseville bridge - but I don't know whether traps are included in "nets"?

You are not allowed to trap or net in North Harbour, _except_ for lobster traps and bait traps. So I guess it's OK to look for lobsters there...

You are not allowed to net in certain parts of Middle Harbour for parts of the year.

But, for example, could I drop a mud crab or lobster trap off, say, Shark Island, as long as I was only carrying one? (I'm not saying that would be a useful place to drop such a trap ;), I'm just trying to get my head around the regulations and sub-regulations...) :(

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Gday Mate

I think that you will find that the nets reffered to in the regulations are dealing with commercial netting as the regs were gazzetted prior to commercial fishing being baned in the harbour

If crab traps or witchs hats were baned it would say 'Hoop or lift nets or crab traps' as it does when you read the regs for Port Hacking.


Balmain Bob :1fishing1:

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